Speech Arts Provincials

Performing Arts BC 2024 Festival


Dates: June 2nd to June 6th, 2024


Location:  Fort St. John, BC



Provincial speech arts classes include poetry, sonnet (senior level only), prose, drama and Shakespeare. It is suggested that students 11-23 years wishing to be considered for advancement to BC Provincial Finals enter Concert Group and at least one other qualifying class. Public Speaking and Storytelling is a separate provincial category--students may be recommended from PKMF without participating in other speech arts classes. Interested students should ensure that they are meeting all the necessary Provincial requirements. Click here for the Performing Arts BC website.


Each regional festival is entitled to send one representative in each of the following age groups to the B.C. Provincial Finals. Requirements in age and grade categories for Speech and Dramatic Arts (not school grade) are determined as of December 31st before the upcoming Provincial Festival:







11-13 years

Grade 6

15 minutes


17 years and under

Grade 7

17 minutes


22 years and under

Grade 8

20 minutes

Requirements: The Provincial’s Syllabus is available at www.bcprovincials.com


For Provincial definitions of Prose, Drama, and Poetry, contact the Speech Arts Captain or see the Provincial syllabus on the BC Provincials website. 

For Provincial Excellence and Canada West Festival eligibility and requirements please see PABC Syllabus.

Speech and Dramatic Arts participants at the Provincial festival may also participate in the Shakespeare classes.