Speech Arts Scholarships & Awards




Speech and Dramatic Arts Trophy

Best Group

Nina Grigor Trophy

Poetry Solo



Candidates must enter at least 3 of the following categories:

a. Poetry (all forms)

b. Prose

c. Dramatic Scene

d. Public Speaking

e. Shakespeare Solo

f.  Storytelling


Three (3) scholarships awarded, one to each of

a. 7-10 years

b. 11 & 12 years

c. 13 & up. 




Application to be sent to Box 23041 Penticton BC V2A 8L7 or emailed to pkmfoffice@gmail.com


Applications must be received by March 1, prior to start of festival

Attention: PKMF Scholarship Panel


Penticton Kiwanis Music, Dance and Speech Arts Festival would like to recognize a well-rounded performer; demonstrated by registration in multiple disciplines. For any aged youth registered in Three (3) or more Solo Entry Disciplines of Penticton Kiwanis Music Festival. Any combination of registration in 3 disciplines of: Classical/Modern Dance, Stage Dance, Classical Voice, Musical Theatre, Pianoforte, Speech Arts, Strings, Woodwind, Brass or Guitar. (Classical Dance and Modern Dance qualify as one discipline).


Application must include


1. name

2. address

3. a list of confirmed entries (Discipline, Category/Title, comp #)

4. a short essay of what involvement in the Performing Arts means to you (250 words or less)


Winners of the Scholarship will be selected by a panel of board members and presented at the Highlights Concert.



Medallions will be awarded for all solo and duo performances earning Distinction (90% or higher) marks.