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March7th, 8th & 9th, 2025


Venue:  Penticton Lakeside Resort


Adjudicator: Bonnie Nicholson




The FCMF has now deemed it permissible to use photocopies for page turns if, the original copy is present at the performance.


Selections are "Own Choice". Repeats are optional up to and including Grade 4 except da capos which must be observed. Piano concertos at all grade levels are to be performed without repeats except da capo. 1st and 2nd endings may be performed.


Each competitor shall compete at the same grade level in all solo classes entered.


Memorization of music is expected in competitive solo classes. Three (3) marks will be deducted if the score is used. No marks will be deducted for using the score in duet, trio or quartet classes.


Participants in graded classes, except the Canadian Composers class, may only select repertoire, as listed from a current Royal Conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada Syllabus. Abridged versions of classical music are not acceptable. Selections for the Canadian Composers Class must be composers who are recognized and published and be consistent with performer’s grade level. For a list of composers, visit the Canadian Music Centre website at www.musiccentre.ca


Irregular List Pieces may be used if permission has been received from the appropriate Conservatory for use in an examination.


It is the responsibility of competitors and teachers to follow the Rules & Regulations of the festival. Entries are the responsibility of competitors and teachers. Errors or omissions are not the responsibility of the festival. All disciplines run at the discretion of the Festival, dependent on sufficient entries.