About PKMF

The Penticton Kiwanis Music, Dance and Speech Arts Festival was founded as the Okanagan Valley Music Festival in 1926. Today, Penticton alone annually hosts over 1600 competitive and non-competitive young amateur performing arts entries in 9 disciplines. These include strings, guitar, piano, classical voice, musical theatre, speech arts, dance and woodwinds, brass. Respected adjudicators from Western Canada and the United States critique each performance and numerous scholarships and awards are presented at a Highlight Concert held in late April or early May.



To complement and enhance the learning/teaching experience of Festival competition, PKMF offers workshops in many disciplines. Held by adjudicators or other respected professionals in their field, workshops are open to participants of the festival and students of the designated age categories. Some awards and Provincial placements require workshop attendance.

Photo Gallery

Performing Arts are fleeting. In the moment. Illusive. To be present in the theatre or hall is to truly experience the wonder and depth of the performance. Knowing the magic of performance cannot be captured with a photograph alone, we hope to share the joy and stunning presence of these students through this photo gallery. Congratulations to all the talented performers ever to grace the PKMF stage.


Highlights Gala Concerts

The date of our Gala is will be announced later..