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March 1 & 2, 2024


2024 LOCATION - Blue Church - 696 Main Street


ADJUDICATOR Dr. Leah Giselle Field


SCHEDULE - Revised March 1st, 2024



It is the responsibility of competitors and teachers to follow the Rules and Regulations of the festival. Entries are the responsibility of competitors and teachers. Errors or omissions are not the responsibility of the festival. A

ll disciplines

All disciplines run at the discretion of the festival, dependent on sufficient entries.



All music must be published.

Photocopied music may not be used in the Penticton Kiwanis Music Festival without the written permission of the copyright holder (composer or publisher). “Permission to Photocopy or Transcribe” letters and “Authorized Music” copies must be with the Music at the competition.


Second copies transcribing music to another key will not be permitted unless authorization is given by copyright holder. The Canadian Federation of Music Festivals has now deemed it permissible to use photocopies for page turns if the original copy is present at the performance. There must be two original copies present in the competition hall. Any competitor or accompanist violating copyright laws will be immediately disqualified.


Please state age and singing grade level of the competitor on the entry forms.

Incomplete and erroneous forms will be returned. Class numbers are determined by singing grade, (excluding vocal ensembles, choirs, and non-competitive entries) and will be further subdivided by age groups as follow



Ages 14 and under


Ages 17 and under


Ages 22 & under

Open Adult

Ages 23 & up
no medallions or scholarships awarded


Competitors must compete at the same singing grade level in all solo classes. (Excluding non-competitive entries)


Use the current RCM or Conservatory Canada syllabus for all list classes. If a selection appears in the syllabi under different grade levels, the song may be sung within the range it occurs (i.e., in Grade 6 in one syllabus and Grade 8 in another- the song can be sung in Grades 6, 7, and 8).


“Own Choice” classes are encouraged to use RCM or Conservatory Canada pieces, and where applicable, Canadian composers. “Own Choice” repertoire must be consistent in difficulty with the competitor’s selected singing grade. The Music Festival Committee trusts the integrity of teachers and performers to comply with this regulation. If, for any reason, an adjudicator finds repertoire unsuitable in a singing grade level, the adjudicator has the right to disqualify the piece and only provide feedback with no mark.


Competitors are responsible for providing their own accompanist. No recordings allowed.


Non-Competitive Classes - any competitor may enter any class as non-competitive. They will be given adjudication, with no mark. They will not be eligible for any certificates, cups, awards and/or scholarships. The class will be scheduled as determined by the festival.


The Music Festival Committee respects the right for all competitors to have a performance setting void of distractions and interruptions. Persons not showing courtesy and respect to the competitor will be removed from the performance venue and disciplinary action may be taken by the Music Festival Committee.


Changes to the selection or additions to a selection cannot be made after registration deadline. If a competitor chooses to change a piece, it will be adjudicated as non-competitive and receive no mark and will not qualify for any awards or scholarships and will not be considered for Provincial standing.