Musical Theatre Ages, Fees & Time Limits

 Competitive Classes

Non-Competitive Classes


 All competitors will be given an adjudication and a mark for each performance and will be eligible for appropriate certificates, cups and/or scholarships.  All presenters will be given an adjudication only.  A student of any level, 29 years and older



Primary- non competitive

 Junior Solo

ages 8 & under

ages 14 & under

$ 10.00

$ 20.00

Intermediate Solo ages 15-18 $ 22.00

Senior Solo

 ages 19 & over

 $ 25.00

Open Adult  ages 29 & over $ 20.00
 Production Class All ages $ 25.00
 Duo, Trio, Quartet All ages $ 10.00 per person
Groups All ages $ 40.00


 All ages

$ 15.00 per person (when available)

Registration for workshops occurs at the venue, no preregistration available. 


All ages are determined as of December 31st before the upcoming festival (ie. age as of 2019)

Duos and Trios are entered by the age of the older competitor.

Group class age is determined by adding all ages together and dividing by the number in the group.